Since 2002, the Residencia Corazón space exhibits art works and generates diverse interdisciplinary cultural events, in search for an original aesthetics. It emphasizes on quality, with works that may not participate or fit in established art venues. Located in the city center, Residencia Corazón is a meeting place not only for local artists but also for the general public.

The Residencia Corazón - Artist in Residency (A-I-R) Program was initiated in 2006. Its main objective engenders the creation of a personalized and independent exchange among regional, national and international artists. It allows for mutual enrichment through professional and emotive approaches for new experiences and aesthetic realities. The resident / visiting artists enjoy a dynamic and vibrant time frame for working; they have a studio and living space at their disposal to complete their projects. They also network with and within the local art community, cultural institutions and the public at large. Residencia Corazon has the institutional support of the National Culture Secretary, Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Town Council of La Plata and the National University of La Plata.




Rodrigo Mirto &
Juan Pablo Ferrer
Chivas Argüello
Joaquín Wall


Ana Buffagni (Artist/ La Plata) / Sirai (Artist/ La Plata) / Alejandra Ceriani (Artist/ La Plata) / Marcela Cabutti (Artist/ La Plata) / Dani Lorenzo (Artist/ La Plata) / Fran Carranza (Artist/ La Plata) / Pablo Morgante (Artist/ La Plata) / Julia Dron (Artist/ La Plata) / Hernán Khourian (Artist/ La Plata) / Joaquin Wall (Artist/ La Plata) / Leticia Barbeito (Artist/ La Plata) / Leonel Pinola (Artist/ La Plata) / Paula Massarutti (Artist/ La Plata) / Rosarito Salgado (Artist/ La Plata) / Sol Massera (Artist/ La Plata) / Hernán Rojas (Photographer/ La Plata) / Ariel Valeri (Photographer/ La Plata) / Dan People (Photographer/ La Plata) / Eduardo Gil (Photographer-/ Buenos Aires) / Ananke Asseff (Photographer/ Buenos Aires) / Edgardo Vigo (Art Fundation/ La Plata) / Tormenta (Art Collective/ La Plata) / Felina Super Heroina (Art Collective/ La Plata) / Eterno Bisiesto (Art Collective/ La Plata) / La Grieta (Art Collective/La Plata) / La Fabriquera (Art Collective/ La Plata) / Sintoma Curadores(Art Curators Collective/ La Plata) / Romina Resuche (Curator/ Buenos Aires) / Mal de Muchos (Art Space/ La Plata) / Cosmiko (Art Space/ La Plata) / El Hormiguero (Art Space/ La Plata) / UNLP (Fine Arts University/ La Plata) / Arte&Cultura UNLP (Culture & Art University Dpt./ La Plata)  / Mumart (City Council Art Museum/ Museo de Arte Latinoamericano La Plata) / Ramona (Art Magazine/ Argentina) / Bola de Nieve (Net of Artist/ Argentina)